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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Titan Quest, also known as Deja Vu.

Because everyone loves boobies.

     In this post I'll be reviewing the 3rd person RPG, Titan Quest. It's not a very well known game but it can be very fun in short bursts. On a longer stint, it becomes a bit like deja vu- the scenery and monster skins may change, but gameplay remains largely the same.
Awesome, tiger men!
  Oh cool, horse men.


     Repetition aside, TQ is actually a very fun game to play. It's set in the aincient world, which is being attacked by the titans (Greek sub-gods) who have imprisoned the real gods. You are a hero sent by these real gods to defeat the titans and their hordes of monsters. You travel across Greece, Egypt, China and finally to Mt Olympus itself (the throne of the gods).

     It has a unique class and spellbook setup; at level 2 you choose a "class" or a type of warrior you can be. Each level you unlock 3 points which you can use to buy spells or upgrade your spell book, which lets you unlock better spells and adds to your health, mana, strength, intelligence and dexterity (the attributes in the game). At level 8 you can choose another class and combine it with your first one- you could be a traditonal warrior (with a berserker class as your first choice and a defender one as your second) or you could mix and match. For example, you could become a marksman necromancer or a healing mage; the possiblities are huge. However, this different approach is also quite complicated, and can take some getting use to.


      Combat in TQ is very straightforward- to attack with your equipped weapon, you simple hover you mouse over an enemy and hold down the left mouse button, and your character will swing at the enemy until it dies. This is also how you move- simply click on the place you want to go to. The game also has an actionbar that correlates to your number keys, in which you can place spells, weapons and buffs for you to access quickly. There is also a bar where you can add a spell to your right click for fast casting, and even a spell to your left if you choose not to use weapons. 

 Who the f**k needs a weapon when you can breathe fire?

     However, as I've said before, this game is F**CKING REPEITIVE. It really feels like you're doing the same thing over and over, which is a shame as this game would be so good if they varied the enemies and maps rather than just changing the skins. The graphics are also superb, seeing as the game came out over 7 years ago, and the story aint half bad either.

    The jewel in the rather tarnished crown, however, is that this highly enjoyable game with much replayability is only £5 on steam. Sure, the game gets a bit boring if you play for hours, but the rest of the game makes up for it and for such a low price, you can't go wrong. Surely, a must buy. As always, I hope you enjoyed my ramblings, and don't forget to comment and follow if you like these things!
Remember: £5 may be cheap, but there's always cheaper out there somewhere.


  1. also guys, only just checked the other post and realised you all wanted RCT :( i will deffo review that tomorrow though!

  2. Nice graphics.
    That's really all I can say when it comes to gaming posts.
    Unless they're Mario. :D

  3. looks really great! sweet graphics

  4. I've heard of this, I might try it out as a short time waster.

  5. Why was that tiger standing upright?

  6. lol i see that u t o r r e n t haha

    seems like the game is quite similar to diablo