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Monday, 25 July 2011

Its over 1000!

Surprisingly, its also over 1000 as well as 9000.

     Pageviews reached 1000 today, and I'd just like to thank everyone who helped to get my blog to where it is by actually reading my stuff. To have over 1000 views in less than a month sure is gratifying, and I'll keep reviewing as long as you guys keep coming- keep it up!


  1. Nice job sir! Keep the hard work and you will have 2000 views and 100 followers in no time.

  2. Congrats good sir :) Although I must point out in the original version it was 8000, not 9000, still, 1 thousand in a month means that soon you'll be able to use the real thing :P

  3. Congrats on 1k! that's awesome for such a short time having your blog! Keep it up!
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  4. lol video is funny, congrats on having over ONE THOUSANDDDD page views :)

  5. yeah congratulations man!