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Monday, 11 July 2011

Counter Strike:Source-The original nerdrage game.

Been there, done that.

     Today I'll be reviewing Counter Strike:Source, a game made by valve. It's based off the original 3rd party mod called Counter Strike, which is exactly the same but with graphics from 1998.  The game is only multiplayer, so there's no story apart of the obvious "KILL EVERYBODY", "PLANT TEH BOMB" or sometimes "KIL- I MEAN SAVE THE HOSTAGES."

 Sack-taps are obviously insta-kill.

     The maps in the game are well thought out and designed to make the game as fun as possible. Which really means they make you as angry as possible, with all the camping spots available and plenty of blind corners so the other team can f**k your sh*t up. At the beginning of each round, every person must purcahse equipment from a buying menu, which includes guns, body armour and ammo. A normal game consists of 3 or 4 rounds of terrorists versus counter-terrorists, and the main objective of each team is to eliminate eachother. However, terrorists can also plant a bomb in some matches to win, and counter terrorists can also save hostages in certain maps to win. 

 These are the hostages. No, seriously.

     As the game as been around so long, and as valve have several self made modding kits, the game is extensivly modified. There are thousands of different skins you can use, from different gloves in FP view to different player models and guns. There are also several different map types, from the usual de_ (bomb maps) and cs_ (hostage maps) to zm_ (zombie survival maps, with a completely different set of objectives and teams). You can also play on a "deathmatch" server, where there are no rounds and you respawn instantly, which can be alot of fun. Sadly, modders fall into the same trap as they do in every game when it comes to skins.

 Is this seriously necessary?

     Thanks for reading this review, and sorry for the lack of any good posts on the weekend- it was a busy one! CS:S is availabe for £10 (or $20ish)  on steam right now, and the original CS is around £5 (or $10ish). Its definately worth buying, though it does have a steep learning curve.


  1. Counter Strike best PC game ever

  2. Lol, I got CSS a few days ago from the steam sale. Pretty fun :D

  3. CSS rule, but the chick, is really fckin hot, id do her!

  4. I looooooved CSS. Countless hours wasted playing it. BTW i know each one of you who played the game, loved to kill the hostages with the knife or shooting them on their feet.

  5. i used to love playing counterstrike

  6. rofl, I all could say for now :D

  7. haha my friends play and they can relate to this

  8. Only reason I know that CS is the original nerdrage is due to the CAD comic.