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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Spore- be like a god, or just make huge d**ks.

Okay, seriously guys?
     Today I'll be reviewing Spore, a game where you play as "evolution" and work your way from a single cell to a whole species, capable of space exploration. Although this may sound fun, it does get pretty repetitive and boring over time.
     The first thing you do when you start up a new game is choose whether your species will be herbivores or carnivores, and this affects what kind of mouth parts your creature will have. As a single cell you must eat other cells or plant cells to survive, and then breed with other cells in your species to get to the next level of evolution, where you can add new body parts. This continues until you reach the multi-cell stage, and you become a kind of fish. Then you repeat the same process- eat, mate, evolve- untill you have enough "evolution" points to add legs to your species. Then you crawl onto land and repeat the same process, and then you learn to stand and move onto a new level of evolution, where you repeat the same proces- and so on.
  Kinda like this, except it doesnt get better as it goes on.
     Whilst this can get very tedious, the main fun part in the game is the designing of your species. You can make almost any monstrosity you can think of, and watch it walk around as you laugh like Dr. Doom. Here are a few of my favourites:
The internet's ability to make a penis out of anything still warms my heart.
     To be honest, Spore was a big letdown on all fronts. The creature creator was fun and the first couple of stages were enjoyable but overall the game is just too repetitive to be fun in the long run. As always, I hope you enjoyed this review and comment/follow me if you like reading them!
 Its worth a download for sh*ts and giggles.


  1. lawl, that's kinda perv! :S

  2. Started reading the review and got very exciting, the reading it was repetitive was kind of a letdown. I guess i wont be playing it :(

  3. haha LOL ;D You make my day :D

  4. I always thought it would be fun. Didn't know it was so repetitive.

  5. I was seriously considering getting this game (not anymore) thanks for the post.