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Monday, 4 July 2011

Forza 3- fast cars and faster swearing.

Car porn.
     This is my Forza 3 review. As you've probably guessed, Forza is a racing game- and a damn accurate one at that. You can modify almost anything on the car using upgrades and tuning, from the amount of brake horsepower your car has or how much oversteer you'll have around the corners.
     The cars are also extremely customisable- every car has 1 or 2 different body kits (that obviously affect performance as well as looks) and a vast selection of different paints and vinyls to choose from. The game also has a vinyl editor, so you can truly make a unique looking car.
  Or just a really gay one.
      Now, after you've made a cool (or gay) looking car, you're ready to race. And at this point, you have 2 options: do you want forza to be the easiest racing game ever, or do you want it to be a soul destroying, rage inducing hell-on-a-disk racing game? What I'm playing at the moment is somewhere imbetween. To make it supremely difficult, you can turn all car assists off (like anti-lock brakes, stability management and traction control), which will have you spinning out- when driving in a straight f*cking line.

This guy must have had the reflexes of Zeus to pull that off without his car hitting the wall and exploding.
     God help you if you come to corner. It gets worse when you change the transmission- you have the usual automatic gear shifting and manual, but then you get a super hard shifting with clutch. That means every time you shift up or down, you have to hold another button to work the clutch on the car (on the xbox 360, it's the LB button.) This adds a whole new level of "FUUUUUUU-" if you want to max out your race winnings; the more difficulty settings you add, the more XP and CR (in game money) you get after each race.

This would be a common site if anyone could survive a race with the difficulty settings on. Which is nigh on impossible.
     Don't let this put you off- with the difficulty so customisable, you can fine tune it so its challenging enough to be fun. And, hell, is this game fun. In the cockpit view it makes you feel as if you are truly zooming down a straight at 150mph, and when you time your braking just right to get a perfect drift around a corner it feels magnificent.
  This is my drifting face.
     The game is also breathtakingly beautiful- the designers obviously put alot of time (and polygons) into making each and every car, from the lowly Yaris to the godly Gallardo. Even the tracks are well made- when you're playing the game, its almost as it you are there.
All in all, this is surely one of the best racing games available right now, if not the best racing game. I would highly recommend buying it- it's only like £9 secondhand (around $15 for any American readers) and it's worth every penny. The only thing that could make it better for me is if I had a working steering wheel, pedals and gearknob for my xbox- then I could totally pretend I'm the Stig from Top Gear.

F**k yeah!


  1. Those are some serious engines!!! followed

  2. Thank god they have the extremely hard mode, so it doesn't seem like I'm doing nothing. Good review!

  3. wow sweet blog bro! awesome post

  4. Haha you sold me on buying this game new! I'm really glad I can grab it used.

  5. Great review, I'll have to check it out.

  6. Wow this really seems like one of the best Forza games ever released. Forza has always been a difficult game for me lol you need skills to drive in this game but its really worth it. Nice post!