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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Audiosurf- its like acid, without the drugs.


     Today I'll be reviewing Audiosurf, an indy game available on steam for around £5-£6. The game visualizes any music you choose from your computer and lets you "ride" it. It has varying difficulty levels, from collecting single colour blocks and dodging gray ones to collecting many different colours whilst using the grays to block other grays with another ship to control as well.

 If it looks complicated, its because it is.

     The graphics in the game are colourful, bright and extremely trippy. In slow songs they relax you, but in fast songs (like drum and bass) your screen turns into a clusterf**k of colour and lights, which is totally awesome for some- but also sucks if you have epilepsy. In fact, this game is so prone to causing fits that it has a disclaimer before you start, warning those who are sensative to flashing lights to stop playing, or they'll probably die.

  Video game, dodging court cases since 1985.

     Whilst this game may seem boring and a waste of money to some, I find it hugely entertaining- I can play it for hours and then just gape at it for longer in its visualizer mode, which is awesome as it is also so cheap! It has has a big cult following, with pages of high scores on the net, and some people are so good at the game that it's almost unreal:

Nope, I dont get whats going on either.

     As always, I hope you found this review helpful, and if you like these reviews, comment and follow me!


  1. Great post, I like your blog!

  2. Looks great. As a kid i was diagnosed epilepsy but got cured. So...i was debating wether i should try it or not. F it, i will play it regardless hahahaha looks like a lot of fun

  3. I've really wanted to get this in the past, but it looks like a waste to me honestly

  4. I've had a cracked version of Audiosurf for a while, absolutely amazing and a true mindfuck when you get the really fast songs (try japanese techno or hardcore for a bit - enjoy crying like a little girl.)

  5. Great review I will have to try audio surf.

  6. that is so trippy, nice review, love that stuff :>